A Green Man for Julie Ann


Afternoon, happy Sunday. A very rushed blog post today, because this is my entry for this week’s PaperArtsy challenge – which closes at 5pm. As usual, I wanted to attempt every project on the PA blog this week & as usual I ran out of time. But I was determined to make something & when I discovered this 2×2 canvas & the UTEE face in my stash I was delighted that I would be able to make a Green Man a la Julie Ann’s incredible trio of canvases.

The canvas was originally blue, I’d painted it for something I no longer remember, so I gave a few coats of gesso, then Nougat Fresco, followed by Limelight, Guacamole & Tinned Peas.


Stamped the new Lynn Perella script in gold.


Added some stamping with Lin Brown & JoFY stamps in Fern Green Archival. I stamped around the edge of the canvas too with Seaweed & heat set it with UTEE, but I forgot to photograph that. It’s a much more effective technique on a deep edged canvas, as you can see from Julie Ann’s first project, so it’s barely noticeable on mine.


I painted scraps of paper with green Fresco paints, stamped leaves from Lin Brown & JoFY sets with Frescos, cut them out & glued them to the canvas, adding the wire twists. I painted the leaves with Fresco Gloss Glaze to give them a bit of a shine, then added White Fire Treasure Gold & some dots of Glossy Accents.


That’s it. It’s nowhere near as wonderful as Julie Ann’s projects, but at least I managed to finish it in time. Thanks for looking, see you next time.

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  1. I agree, don’t put yourself down. Some gorgeous touches, love the gold script and the touches of glossy accents. Need to make a list of things that I could add to my work, learning from the “old pros” ,don’t mean you’re old as you know. It’s a beautiful work of art and well done for crawling in under the wire! X

  2. I’m seconding the other two – I think this is enchanting. I love the stamping underneath on all those beautiful painty layers, and the dew drops of Glossy Accents on the leaves are a lovely touch. Leafy loveliness!
    Alison xx

  3. I absolutely love ths Kirsten..it’s gorgeous and so dinky lol. well done for creating something so fabulous on such a small canvas, and with all that detail xxx

    ps..going to send you a little frozen charlotte to play with lol xx

  4. It’s wonderful Kirsten, love the abundance of leaves (and their dew drops), the touch of Treasure gold and that mask is perfect for the project.

  5. Kirstin this is lovely. I love all the different interpretations of the green man and yours is as good as the others. I love how tiny it is and all the detail you managed to incorporate in a timely space. I love the colour and the little dew drops on the leaves – it’s fab xxx

  6. Well done! You made it! Once again you are so self-critical, Kirsten. I love those leaves and the little face is beautiful. I feel very honoured that you managed to get a project done when you have a very busy life. It means a lot to me that you played along. Julie Ann xxx

  7. I always admire tiny especially when you get so many lovely little details into such a small package! The dew drops are a lovely touch and the overall piece is gorgeous. Your work is always beautiful and to be admired Kirsten so don’t knock it.

    Lesley Xx

  8. Your man is very handsome & has great hair/leaves, reminds me of a Fairy Prince…
    Your canvas is stunning, not scary & so cute. Love the wire & raindrops. A canvas to be proud of Kirsten:-) xxx

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