Look What I Found!

Published September 2, 2008 by isisimaginings

I’m sure most card-makers have done it – found something you’ve forgotten you had while searching for something else, that is! It happened to me today; I found some lovely vellums – papers & flowers. They’re a Dawn Bibby kit from QVC, but I have no idea when I bought it, it’s obviously been a while! The pastel colours are lovely, so I thought I’d see what I could come up with. The original plan for today had been to spend some time in the garden, mowing the lawn & weeding, but all the rain put a stop to that.

For these first five cards I used Loretta’s new layout challenge, which she posted over at doCrafts on Sunday evening. This one is not as complicated as the last week’s I’m glad to say! In keeping with the layout I tried to keep the colours & embellishments simple.

I attached the vellum to this A5 card with tiny silver brads. The ribbons are pieces of grosgrain ribbon – I combined cream & green to make the bow on the first square. I used 1mm 3D foam sticky pads to mat & layer the vellum leaves & flowers on the second square. 1mm foam pads are very fiddly to use, but they’re great for giving just a little height & depth. The butterfly has a tiny gold vellum butterfly attached to it.

For the second card I attached a sheet of A4 patterned vellum to the card, again, everything is from the QVC kit. I thought this would be suitable for a wedding.

The toppers & the greeting on the Christmas card are from a Kanban kit that was a TSV on QVC in July – it was a gift from my mom; thanks Mom! 🙂 The patterned vellum is slightly Christmassy & I used a little silver glitter glue in the centre of the flowers & around the edge of the greeting. The silver holly is from my stash, I have it quite a while; I think it’s from another QVC kit.

I always find cards for men difficult to make, but I think this one works. Everything – except the ribbon, that’s a piece of Anita’s sticky ribbon – is from my oriental stash. I thought the colours of the backing paper were quite masculine & the ribbon matches the blue. The squares are simple matting & layering, with the coin embellishment attached with 1mm 3D foam pads.

This DL card is the first one I made using Loretta’s layout & everything, apart from the ribbon is from the Dawn Bibby kit. I love the shape of the flowers in this kit & they look very pretty in vellum. I decoupaged the butterfly with another butterfly in vellum. It’s a very simple card & was very quick to make, but it gave me the inspiration for the rest.

The remaining six cards, including the cardstock, are all from the DB kit. All I added were some adhesive gems & ribbon. They’ll be added to my ever-increasing pile of cards!

There is still lots left in the kit. The A4 patterned vellums are so pretty & I particularly like how they look folded over cardstock, so I’ll definitely be using that idea again.

I haven’t mentioned so far in this blog is that I’m recovering from surgery for breast cancer. One of the consequences of the surgery is lymphedema in my arm. It’s a nuisance because now, after making cards, my arm hurts like crazy! I suppose making eleven cards in one day is not the greatest idea!

So, I’ll probably be a good girl & take a break tomorrow, but I have got some birthday

cards to make & I want to make a card for my second god-daughter, Lily, who starts school in a fortnight. My first god-daughter, Bebhinn, had her first full day at secondary school yesterday – the poor kid was exhausted last night! To mark the occasion I made the Sarah Kay card with the sentiment “Hold on to your dreams” for her. It’s in my slideshow.

I’m off now to watch ‘Maestro’ on BBC2, where various celebrities are learning to conduct an orchestra. I rarely watch reality TV shows, but this is interesting – apart from the inanity of Clive Anderson’s ‘jokes’ that is! – and the music is wonderful. I’m hoping Goldie wins, he doesn’t read music, but he’s definitely the best of the bunch!

Love & light to everyone who reads this!


6 comments on “Look What I Found!

  • The cards are wonderful!And I told you to stop after making how many cards??? And you just kept going!!!Don’t you want to send a house warming card to Jess?? Oh, wait we need more of an address than turn left on 13th and look for my car!Hugs,Jen

  • Hi Kirsten, first of all thank you for visiting my blog and for the lovely comment. I hope your recovery continues to go well, but don’t overdo it – I know what it’s like when you’re on a roll, you don’t want to stop! Your cards are lovely by the way and I look forward to visiting you again.Juliet xx

  • I am one of the fortunate people that are lucky enough to receive cards from Kirsten.Today in the mail I received the “with love” folded over card with the 3 flowers.The scan does not do the card justice. It is beautiful!! You made my day!Hugs,Jen

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