Tilda & Friend!

Published September 17, 2008 by isisimaginings

This is the card I made for the September friendship swap at doCrafts. I’ve never tried pink & brown before, but they are a terrific combination. I matted a piece of brown cardstock onto an A5 deckle-edged, hammered card, then layered the two squares on top; I cut them from a double-sided 12 x 12 sheet from Capture The Magic, it’s called ‘Betty Tuxedo’. I coloured Tilda with Whispers pens – I doubt a bird this colour exists in nature, but that’s what you call artistic licence! There’s faux stitching around the scalloped edge of the circle & I attached it with 3D sticky pads to give a little depth to the card. The ribbons, flowers, gold brad, adhesive gems are from my stash & the motif is from a QVC kit. Initially, I thought this Tilda was a little too wintery for the time of year, but the mornings & nights are so chilly now that it seems quite appropriate.
I’m still going out at night with food for the birds & the hedgehog. Even though I haven’t seen the hedgehog since last week I’m hoping it’s still there, because the slugs in my garden are ENORMOUS!! There was one on the patio the other night & it was FOUR INCHES LONG!! That is not an exaggeration, I promise. Ugh! They give me the creeps & because of the birds I won’t use slug pellets, except for a few around my hostas, which are in pots. So I’m hoping Hedgie sticks around & helps him/herself to as many slugs as he/she can find!
The grass is going to have to be cut again & soon, it seems to grow an inch every night, the buddleja needs to be cut back & there is so much weeding to be done before everything settles down for the winter. However. I spent almost two hours in the Lymphedema Clinic on Monday morning & I now have to wear a compression sleeve all day, every day. It is quite possibly the ugliest thing I have ever seen, it’s a nightmare to get on & it hurts like ……anything! I was also told to be a good girl & take care not to do too much with the arm. A while ago I found a website with a training programme for doing 100 push-ups & I really want to do it, but when I asked the nurse if I could start the programme she laughed at me. So that’s a no then? It’s also a no to lifting anything heavy, including weights, no to swinging the arm when walking or running, no to any repetitive movement. Today I was at the hospital for blood tests to see what’s happening since the end of the chemo & the radiotherapy, I’ve got two weeks to wait for the results. I’m determined not to turn this blog into a whinge-fest, so all I will say is that I’m finding it very difficult to deal with how my body has let me down. Anyway, enough, this is supposed to be about the joy of card-making, no more waffling from me!
Love & light.

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