Sad News

Published November 30, 2008 by isisimaginings

I haven’t been in the mood to write my blog the last few days. On Thursday morning I had to have my cat put to sleep. It was a decision I didn’t want to make, but she had been having monthly treatment since January & it became obvious it wasn’t working. She was in so much pain on Thursday morning that she didn’t want me to touch her, which was totally out of character. I know I did the right thing, but I miss her so much. She’s been with me for eight years & this year especially I needed her. When I came home from the hospital after chemo & radiotherapy she would always cuddle up with me & when I lost my hair due to the chemo she would wrap herself around my head at night. This wasn’t always great when the hot flushes started, but I appreciated the thought! 🙂 She drove me crazy sometimes with her fussy eating habits, but she also made me laugh at the food she did like, such as pesto, egg salad & french fries, which she would drag off your plate if you weren’t careful! She was incredibly vocal & would sit at the top of the stairs yelling at me, getting louder & louder until I answered her. I miss her. The house is so empty without her; in bed at night, I keep thinking I hear her on the stairs. At the end, all I could do was tell her how much I loved her & I hope she heard me & understood.
When my mum was here in October she took some great photos of my girl & when I get them I will post them here.
I did make some cards at the start of the week, but I’ll post them later.
Love & light.

9 comments on “Sad News

  • Oh hun I am so sorry to hear your sad news. Pets really are a big part of the family and it is so sad when something like this happens. I too have had to have pets put to sleep in the past and although you feel bad it was the right thing to do, no more suffering for the little darling. You gave her a good life, the best life. Think of the good times you had with her. Take care hun, if you need to talk i’m here.Joy xx

  • Oh Kirsten, I’m so sorry to hear about this. We underestimate the love and affection we have for our pets while they are with us. Rest assured, you did the right thing. It is not right to let an animal suffer for long. She’s at peace now, and I’m sure she knew how much you loved her. Treasure those photos – you’ll never forget her but the pain will ease with time. Keep your chin up hun.Sharon

  • Hi,this is the first time i’ve visited your Blog,i’ve been doing alittle Blog hopping tonight and landed here….i’m so sorry to hear of your loss,she sounds as if she was quite a character…but you did the right thing by her,Take careSandra x

  • Oh Kirsten, I was in tears reading this. Don’t you feel helpless when a pet is ill. I lost my dog a few years ago and I missed her so much, as you say the house felt empty with no-one running to greet me. I also felt so guilty – why? – I’d no reason to and I know that.Have a good cry, wash away some of the heartache.hugs Heather xx

  • So sorry Kirsten, that’s bad luck. Cats are so special and it’ll be a big wrench I’m sure, hope your memories will bring you some comfort.Take care and ((big hugs)) xx

  • Oh Kirsten lovey. So sorry to hear this.Our furry friends are such a big part of our lives and leave a gaping hole when they leave us.I’ve left something on my blog for you.Take carex

  • Oh, Kirsten I’m so sorry to hear about your cat. It’s such a big loss to loose a companion and a family member that has been with you for so long. She had many good years together with you. It’s not easy to say the right thing, but maybe your crafting can be a channel for you to express your feelings. Hope you’ll have a better day tomorrow. Thinking of you. Hugs, Debbie xIf tears could build a rainbow and memories a lane. I would walk right up to heaven and bring you back again.

  • I’m so sorry Kisten to hear your sad news. I have 2 cats and know how they become part of the family and worm their way into our hearts. Just remember all the lovely times you had with her, take care Kirsten,Love Sarita xx

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