Happy February!

Published February 2, 2009 by isisimaginings

Greetings! First of all, can someone please tell me where the last week has disappeared to? More to the point, where did January go?! I cannot believe it is February already. And, given the atrocious weather, it is hard to believe that it will ever be Spring. Yesterday, it snowed all morning & most of the afternoon, today it has snowed non-stop. It is bone-chillingly cold too. I ventured out to the garden today to put out some food for the birds & break the ice in the bird bath. All the plants look so miserable, but I did spy green shoots peeping out of the snow – when my mum was here in November we planted a few hundred daffodil bulbs – I’m hoping most of them survive & I’ll have lots of flowers in the coming weeks.

I did make some cards over the weekend & I will post them here as the week progresses, but I made this one last weekend. It’s for a little girl who is very ill at the moment, I will never meet her, but I’m hoping this card made her smile. There are a lot of people hoping & praying for good news for her & her family.


  • Newton Bear Stamp – free with January’s ‘Quick Cards Made Easy’ magazine
  • Versafine Black Onyx inkpad
  • Whispers Pens
  • Crystal Lacquer Pens
  • Papermania Raspberry Champagne Papers
  • Pink Peel-Off Letters
  • Circular Punch
  • Anita’s 3D Gloss

I covered the letters with the gloss to make them stand out a little more; I saw something similar in the DC gallery & thought it was very effective. Unfortunately, I can’t remember whose card it was, if she sees this perhaps she could remind me – I do remember lots of little bears on her card.

I’ve won another award, (the pink roses are so pretty) & I’ve been tagged! (I’ve seen the tag on other blogs & my first thought was ‘oh dear’, quickly followed by ‘nah, I won’t get this’. That’ll teach me, LOL!!) IreneM gave me the award & tagged me first, then I was tagged by SemSee as well. I’m trying very hard not to do a Kate Winslet here :), but I would like to thank them both very much for thinking of me, I appreciate it very much.

With the award I have to list six things I’m addicted to. Hmm, how hard can that be……?!

  • Chocolate
  • Card making
  • Ribbons & bling
  • Roast chicken
  • London – I LOVE that city!
  • Books – I have three on the go at the moment.

For the tag, I had to choose the sixth photo in the sixth folder of my pics & explain the photo. This is what I found. It’s a photo of American actor, Kevin Spacey & British actress, Eve Best. They performed together in American playwright Eugene O’Neill’s play ‘A Moon For The Misbegotten’ at The Old Vic theatre in London in 2006. Nearly three years later I still remember the incredible performances they gave.

Now I have to pass on the award & the tag to six other bloggers. I have chosen Emma, Debs, Lynsey, Gina, Barbara & Sarita.

Ok, I’ve rambled on enough, so I’ll finish here & visit the blogs on my list. I will be back tomorrow, unless I disappear in an avalanche :0) – it’s STILL snowing. Thank you to everyone who reads this & to those who take the time to leave a comment – I am very grateful.

Have a peaceful evening, love & light.


8 comments on “Happy February!

  • A gorgeous little card Kirsten made even more gorgeous by the act of sending it knowing you will never meet the little girl. A wonderful act. Congrats on the award and the tag – it was interesting seeing the picture.Sharon xx

  • Love your card Kirsten, what a lovely thought and I’m sure it will be so much appreciated.Thank you so much for the award as well, I will get my thinking cap on although I am adddicted to so many things it shouldn’t be that difficult!Take care Kirsten,Love Sarita xx

  • Congrats on all your awards!!The card for the little girl is so cute.I’m sure she will love it.As for the actor in the picture… :)I must agree with you, it was a performance I also will never forget!!Keep up the great work Kate..I mean Kirsten ;)Hugs,Jen

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