Gales, Wheezes & Sniffles

Published November 14, 2009 by isisimaginings
I have achieved precisely nothing today. The weather has been atrocious – half the fence panels in the back garden are on the ground – so I decided to cancel my artist’s date, (ref. Julia Cameron). Instead, I’ve spent most of my time either on the phone or on the computer & drinking mugs of lemon & ginger tea. I foresee a head cold in my near future & I’m trying to head it off at the pass!

I’m very grateful to those who struggled through my very long post on Thursday, I’ll try to keep things short & sweet today. I must also thank those who visit my blog from so many countries around the world. I am amazed that my blog counter is heading towards 1300 visitors, so thank you all.
This is the card I made last month for my niece’s 14th birthday. The image is one of the Manga Girls from Funky Kits & everything else is from my stash. I stamped the swirls on to plain paper, then heat embossed them. I tried not to be too OTT, as my niece doesn’t like anything too blingtastic. 🙂
So, as I promised to keep it short & sweet today, that is it. Until next time,
Love & light.

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