Six Months & New Stash

Published July 1, 2012 by isisimaginings

Greetings blog visitors, happy July 1st to each & every one of you.  There are six months left to the end of 2012 – how, in the name of all that’s arty-crafty, has that happened??  It is simply bizarre.  Ominously, there are already a great many mentions of that thing that happens in December, but I absolutely refuse to have anything to do with it for at least another three months.  So, let’s change the subject….

Yesterday, I had an excellent time at the Craft Barn in Lingfield, Surrey.  It’s their yearly extravaganza weekend & it’s packed with workshops & demos by some of the best artists & crafters in the business.  Usually, it’s quite a trek for me to get there, involving assorted train journeys & about three hours travel each way.  But this year, my lovely Twitter friend, @anna_fran, met me & we drove to Lingfield in her car.  Thank you again Anna & thank you too for the delicious chocolate & raspberry brownie.  I also met another lovely Twitter friend, @stampingbyh, aka Helen.  It has to be said; arty, crafty peeps are some of the nicest in the world.

There were 28 (!) demonstrators yesterday, spread over three halls in Lingfield & honestly, the day was not long enough to spend time watching every one.  The demos were heavy on techniques, which suited me perfectly, I learnt a huge amount & if I can remember even a tiny amount, I will be doing very well.  Unfortunately, I was so engrossed that not only did I forget to take photographs, I also forgot to take notes.  I may have to pick Helen’s brains, she was scribbling away!

A few of my highlights:

  •  Neil Walker demoing Dylusions sprays & stamps, more of which anon.
  •  Lin ‘ Yours Artfully ‘ Brown & Leandra ‘PaperArtsy’ Franich, demoing PaperArtsy’s fabulous products in their inimitable fashion.
  •  Jean ‘Crafty Individuals’  Hardy demoing transfer effects with TAP paper & a hot iron.
  •  Soon-to-be pub landlady, Linda Elbourne  making matchbooks with TH dies & Distress stains & Dylusions sprays.
  •  Andy Skinner  & his unique, grungy, industrial, rusty, techniques.

There was so much I missed, that I would gone back today, if I could.  Next time, consider staying overnight???!!!  And I must find a way of attending some of Andy Skinner & Neil Walker’s classes.

Naturally, there was a little shopping involved & here is a pic of my purchases.  Given that the Craft Barn is packed floor to ceiling with desirable items, I’m quite proud that I managed to restrain myself somewhat.


See the Dylusions sprays??  All twelve of them.  Swoooon!!!  If the phenomenon that is Dylusions has passed you by so far, you MUST check them out.  Created by the wondrous Dyan Reaveley of Art From The Heart in Harrogate, Yorkshire, the sprays are fabulous.  They’re incredibly versatile & the colours are LUSH.  HERE is  Dyan’s Youtube channel, where you can see her demo lots of her Dylusions techniques & HERE is another video by Anita Houston of The Artful Maven Haven. I’ve wanted the sprays from the moment I saw them & initially, I was going to build up to a full set, but when I saw them yesterday, I knew I would use every colour, so I got them all.  As Neil Walker said yesterday, he has yet to find a combination of them that does not work.

Dyan also has a collection of stamps that are some of the coolest, funkiest images around.  Her girls are WONDERFUL & I want them all, but I started with ‘Curious Corrin’ & do I have plans for her!! The other set is called ‘Further Around The Edge’ & it’s perfect for backgrounds & borders. The Dylusions range is distributed by Ranger Ink & Dyan is their Senior Educator in Europe.  You can visit Dyan’s website HERE & her terrific blog HERE.  Make sure you watch her videos too.  And if you are going to CHA Summer in Chicago in a few weeks, you can see her in action there.  I have a serious arty crush on Dyan & one day, by hook or by crook, I WILL attend at least one of her workshops.  In the meantime, I shall have to content myself with my new goodies.

If you’re still reading, congratulations!  This has turned into rather a long post.  I was going to show you a card, but I’ll give you a rest until tomorrow.  Until then,

Love & light


9 comments on “Six Months & New Stash

  • I wish I’d gone back today too, could have saved myself 2 hours work in the (wet) garden…Am still thinking about Anna’s gorgeous brownies… lol! it was great to meet you, too. Till next time…

  • Just love you Kristen!!! You made my day! You are so going to love adding vibrant color to your life…lol! Cant wait to see what you create with them! These inks rock. I wish I could have gone and spent the day there as well…you mentioned some fabulous talent. So glad your journey was made easier! Kudos my friend!!!!

  • Sounds like you had a brilliant time & those inks look very interesting indeed. Sometimes you just have to go for it & get it all in one go, I saved & did that with the Distress Stains.
    Finally found your lovely comment – getting to grips with how to manipulate all the blog elements but I spent a lot of time comparing WP & Blogger & haven’t regretted staying with the latter. Funnily this was one of my favourite options in a template when considering WP.
    Paula (PEP)

  • I loved reading all that, you obviously had a fab time there at the Craft barn. I’m a huge fan of the dylusions inks too. But I had to buy mine in two batches, as it was a big stretch on the purse at the time. However I have them all now, and I’ve nearly reached the bottom of the lemon zest bottle! I’m at AFTH on Saturday so that’ll be all my wages gone again. I have my sights on Golden paints this time. Thanks for my comment Isi. Michelle x

    • Thanks Michelle, have a wonderful time at AFTH – I hope I’ll get to visit there some time. High on my ever-growing wish list are more Dylusions stamps & PaperArtsy Fresco Finish paints. It never ends, does it??!! 🙂

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