Love Everyday

Published February 14, 2013 by isisimaginings

Hello!  Hope you’ve had a great Thursday.  Tonight I’d like to show you a canvas I made, using a tutorial by the FABULOUS Hels Sheridan – if you don’t know her work, you need to visit her blog immediately.  Or at least after you’ve read this post. Smile

When I saw the gorgeous canvas Hels posted on her blog last week, I knew I wanted my own & very handily, she posted an excellent tutorial on how she made it.

2013-02-13 001 2013-02-13 023


I loved making the background.  I’ve tried colour blocking before & failed miserably, but this was easier.  Even though I was slightly trepidatious in the beginning, to my relief, it all started to come together.


2013-02-13 001 2013-02-13 005


Wish these photos were better.  The shimmer from the Perfect Pearls mist is lovely.  The little bird on the branch is from PaperArtsy.


2013-02-13 001 2013-02-13 008


I didn’t have a heart stencil, so I made my own using a PaperArtsy die.  It looks great with the Treasure Gold on to.  The canvas is 21x15cm & I think it’s a little large for the heart, but it was the only one I had – shopping expedition required!


2013-02-13 001 2013-02-13 022


Here’s the finished piece.  Weirdly, deciding where everything was going to go took me an age.  I faffed around for hours before making a final decision.  I wanted the canvas to stand, so I painted the wooden spools black, attached the adhesive pearls & glued the spools on with Comic Shimmer glue.

Thank you so much to Hels for posting such a great tutorial, making this was fun.

Until next time,

Love & light


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