A Painting Lesson

Published August 12, 2013 by isisimaginings

Hello, hope you’ve all had a great Monday.  I’ve spent the evening in my craft room, working on this little something.  It’s not meant to be a finished piece, it’s really just a experiment.  After watching Leandra at Stamperama yesterday & also watching her latest two videos I was determined to follow her instructions & see what, if anything, I could come up with.


I used a piece of mountboard that was on my work table & followed along with Leandra’s first video, where she made the background, using the same colours, substituting Cheesecake for Vanilla.


Then I stamped the JoFY stamps with black Archival ink, (putting too much pressure on the sandcastle, grrr) & started painting with London Bus & Inky Pool Frescos, following Leandra’s instructions in her second video.

I took my time, making sure the first layers of paint were thin washes & letting them dry as I went along.  I painted the doors with Ice Blue & Mermaid Frescos, again thinning the paint as I went along.  Then I started adding slightly thicker layers of paint, I was trying to get a streaky effect, as if the doors were old & worn.  When I was happy with that I painted a few washes of Snowflake on top.


I finished by painting the sandcastle with Pumpkin Soup & Brown Shed & the bucket & spade with London Bus, Beach Hut & Bora Bora.  I stamped the shells with Snowflake & the circles from the JoFY set, 09 with black Archival.  I added the Lynn Perella sun at the very end with Persimmon distress ink & I think that was a mistake.  But it doesn’t matter, as I said at the beginning this was an experiment.  I wanted to see if I could paint ‘properly’ & I have to admit to feeling absurdly pleased with myself right now, because I don’t think this is too terrible for a first effort.

Thanks so much to Leandra for all her advice & inspiration & to Jo Firth-Young for her gorgeous designs.  And of course, to all of you for visiting & commenting.  Until next time,

Love & light.

4 comments on “A Painting Lesson

  • Thanks for the links – very very useful info & pertinent as am just starting with acrylics & have pondered over opaque/translucent! Looks like you had fun & I can certainly relate to your pleased feeling – brilliant isn’t it?
    Paula (PEP)

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