#3UP for PaperArtsy’s 10th Birthday

Published September 1, 2013 by isisimaginings

Hello blog visitors,  I’m thrilled to be taking part in PaperArtsy’s new #3UP challenge, as part of the celebrations for their 10th birthday, earlier tonight my project was shown on the PaperArtsy blog.  Please stop by the PA blog all this week to see what my fellow #PATwits have created.

*Warning; this is an epic post, feel free to just look at the pictures.*  🙂

Here is my project………………

IsisArts Pic 1

When I saw the items Leandra sent me for the #3UP challenge I remembered her mentioning that her first love was sewing so I decided I would make something in honour of her.

PA 3UP Aug 2013

The door hanger immediately made me think of a grandfather clock, (for some strange reason) & the rest of the project grew from that.

PA 3UP 3 Aug 2013 001

I painted it first with Snowflake Fresco paint, then with Beach Hut, adding a very thin layer of Crackle Glaze on top. When that was dry I over painted with Claret. The main image was stamped onto Smoothy card with black Archival & painted with Frescos. I backed it with a piece of Crunchy paper, which I brushed with Spanish Topaz & White Fire Treasure Gold.  I stamped the word ‘tailor’ onto a scrap of card I’d painted with Claret fresco, cut out each letter & attached them to the main image with metal brads.

(The clock is a combination of stamps by Kelly Panacci & Kanban).

IsisArts Pic 2

I chose foam board for the substrate & painted the back of it with Stone fresco first, then I added the grunge paste through a bricks stencil, making sure to leave gaps.  Crackle glaze was scraped on to the gaps & Inky Pool was painted on top.

PA 3UP 2 Aug 2013

Layers of London Bus, Brown Shed & Chocolate Pudding were added until I was happy with the appearance & then I sanded back the raised areas & painted the edges with Little Black Dress.

PA 3UP 2 Aug 2013 002

The doors were painted with Beach Hut, then crackled, then over painted with Claret, a mix of Little Black Dress & grunge paste was put through a harlequin stencil.

PA 3UP 2 Aug 2013 005

Hinges cut from grunge paper with PA’s Hardware 1 die, painted with French Roast, Brown Shed, Little Black Dress & distressed.

I had a piece of card on my desk that I’d previously stencilled with GP & covered with assorted Treasure Gold, so I cut it with a Spellbinders die & glued two of the PA buttons to the labels for door handles.

PA 3UP 2 Aug 2013 007

Initially I covered the inside with a sheet of PA’s Thorndon Hall papers (now discontinued). I then decided it was too dark, so I covered it with Crackle Glaze & painted it with Ice Blue fresco.

PA 3UP 2 Aug 2013 001

When that was dry I used Blood Orange fresco through a stencil & added the stamping, then swiped some Beach Hut with a baby wipe on top. The roof is a piece of Metal Card. I used assorted tools to add the details, painted it with Chocolate Pudding, French Roast & Little Black Dress frescos, then adding White Fire TG.  I had to add one of the metal flowers I’d bought at Stamperama the other week.

PA 3UP 2 Aug 2013 006

Finally, it was time to add the shelves & the embellishments.  I used PA spools, which I’d painted with frescos & added ribbons from my stash.

PA 3UP Challenge Aug 2013 008

A spool & another button made a pin cushion & beads from my stash filled the vials.

PA 3UP Challenge Aug 2013 007

The cameo is also from PaperArtsy, the frame is by Crafts Too & I was delighted when they fit together perfectly.

And now a secret can be revealed.  Leandra had told us we couldn’t discuss our projects with anyone else taking part, but…..  The ribbons/fabric lengths are hanging on paper clips shaped like coat hangers & when I went to get them I COULDN’T FIND THEM.  Then I forgot to buy more when I was near the store & I knew I wouldn’t get back before I had to send the photos of the completed piece to Leandra.  Panic stations!!  I sent a frantic email to Helen & asked her if she would rush me a few paper clips, telling her I needed them urgently for my #3UP project, but not why.  She very kindly mailed them the next day & the crisis passed without me having a heart attack.  I hope Leandra will forgive me…….

IsisArts Pic 1

Are you still with me??  We have reached the end.  Here is the finished piece again.  I’m really pleased that I used everything I was sent, including the colour swatches.

An enormous thank you to Leandra & Mark for being so fabulous & for their hard work this month, I think they must have increased their work load by 100%.  Thank you too, to all their wonderful guest designers for the past month of amazing inspiration.  It’s been the most fun I’ve had in ages.  Happy birthday PaperArtsy, here’s to the next ten!

Love & light.


11 comments on “#3UP for PaperArtsy’s 10th Birthday

  • So glad you have put up your blog post. I asked Leandra when mine was going up and so i knew it was tonight. Managed to upload mine bang on 7pm!

    Wanted to say what a lot of hard work went into your project, it is amazing and your post explains everything so well. Hope you don’t mind a new follower on both your Blog and on Twitter 🙂

  • Kirsten, this is absolutely gorgeous, I hope the others won’t mind me saying that of tonight’s projects, this is my favourite! You have put so much work into this piece, and I am staggered that it all stemmed from the door hanger! Glad to have been able to help out with the paper clips!

  • WOW Kirsten fabulous project, loved the way you’ve used your bundle of items. Was really interesting for me to see as I got the same stamp plate (ish) as you but mine was the small ink and the dog version, and obviously we made completely different things with them!!!

    Sam xxx

  • Your project is beyond fabulous. You put a lot of work into this and it shows! I love everything about about it! Thanks for sharing more photos so we can appreciates all the fine details!

    I’d love to “Pin” it for inspiration/reference, but wanted permission first.

  • I’m learning so much through these projects – well out of my comfort zone & I don’t know what half of them are but am totally intrigued. There’s so much detail in this & I can well see the theatrical influences – it makes me think of an actor’s dressing room.
    Paula (PEP)

  • Kirsten, this is a totally inspired creation! The detail you have put into it is amazing and it’s one of those projects I would love to have hold of to examine really closely. You definitely rose to the #3up challenge with this beautiful piece.

    Lesley Xx

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