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Published January 20, 2014 by isisimaginings

Hello, I hope everyone’s had a great Monday. I didn’t expect to be back with a blog post tonight, but after seeing the first project from Ellen Vargo, the new GD on the PaperArtsy blog this week I had to have a play.


I am thrilled that Ellen is on the PA blog this week. I found her blog some time ago via her ‘I Challenge Thee’ projects with Hels Sheridan & I fell in love with her art. I’m loving it even more now as she is developing a much more abstract style.


Anyway, it was a great excuse to get my brayer & start spreading pit on a piece of kraft card. I basically followed Ellen’s tutorial. This is at the start with Cheesecake & Zesty Zing frescos.

And here’s final layer of paint with some stamping, before I added the grunge paste. Artificial light does not make for great photos, but I love that I can still see different layers of colour.


I’m taking this quote by Kurt Vonnegut as a message from the universe today. After my post yesterday I got a severe case of “inadequateitis”, when I visited all the other projects for last week’s PA challenge. Previously I had liked my piece, but everyone else’s projects were so incredible that I felt mine was, for want of another word, rubbish.

I applied the paint on to the white tag with a brayer again, just using more Inky Pool.


Here’s the finished page. I didn’t trust myself to add a painted border so I applied London  Bus fresco on the page with a bottle cap & a palette knife instead.


Thank you to Ellen for the inspiration. Her second project tonight has already got me thinking about my next piece………..

Thanks for looking, see you soon.


19 comments on “Abstract Journal Page

  • This is fab, a great choice of stencil and I love the colours you’ve chosen. That bit about the paint brush scared me too so I may be ‘borrowing’ your bottle cap idea :-). Now for the serious bit – your piece yesterday was gorgeous so enough of the ‘rubbish’ talk – don’t make me get cross with you lol xx

  • I love this quote too! And the journal page is fabulous. I now find I can only comment on some blogs using Firefox rather than Chrome so I have not yet had time to comment on Ellen’s post. I am off to Firefox now to do so. Love the vibrancy of her work. Julie Ann xx

  • Wonderful take on Ellen’s project Kirsten. I’m guessing you enjoyed this, lol! I have to admit abstract art is not really my thing (even though many years ago I got a good grade ‘O’ level doing an abstract piece, lol) but I can still appreciate it when done by others. I do love the colours you used with the tiny touches of red as the final layer are a brilliant touch. The quote is excellent too! Well done for creating such a worthy design so quickly.

    Lesley Xx

  • Don’t ever doubt your ability. It’s a bit like going to someone else’s house and then coming home and tidying up or tweaking. Our own never looks the same to us cos we get immune. I love this piece. Smashing build up of textures and colours and the sentiment is brill. Take the sentiment on board. Just the right amount of red and all balances really well. Oh ye of little faith!

  • Your project was AMAZING Kirsten, everything about it was perfect, no need for any doubts about your creative Soul or abilities, you are often an inspiration 2 me as i enjoy your blog & it’s contents 🙂

    Abstract isn’t something i understand, find it hard to do but you shine at it!!! Stunning journal page & especially love the quote. A page to be proud of:-) xxx

  • Kirstin you have no need to doubt your ability you have a lovely style and create great art. And this piece proves it I love the colours you chose they work so well together. I love how you have added the touch of red which really pops of the page. You should be proud xxx

  • I am often hyper critical of my work when I see others and think I’m just to messy and boring in what I create. I try not to listen to that voice and like the quote on your page (which I love, great colours and textures) I see it as a journey and a growing process not necessarily to achieve an end product. Slap that inner demon down! Jo xx

  • I always think your pieces are lovely and have an individual style – I loved last weeks picture and was thinking of doing something in the same colours as it worked so well. Everyone sees the faults in their works that no one else would ever spot (like my smudged GP flower on my box, annoys the life out of me) – keep on crafting xx

  • Looks like you had some fun with this one. That “Inadequate Imp” is a really pain when he surfaces & he does it so suddenly you get taken unawares, I think he ought to be banished to the Land of Adequateness so that he can have a dose of good medicine………
    Paula (PEP)

  • Kirsten, All disappointment comes from comparison. So don’t do it 🙂 Easy to say, hard to do, I know. But I totally loved your piece last week, and your initial pleased outcome at the start was the feeling to stick with about your piece. You know there is no right or wrong, good or bad. Hirst may sell a diamond encrusted skull for squillions but I would rather a piece of abstract art on my wall. We all have different likes and dislikes, and as long as your are pleased when you decide a piece is finished, then that, as they say, is that. Some of us will like it, some of us might not. It doesn’t matter. We are all different, we all create differently, and we all like different things. That’s lucky, or the world would be very boring indeed!

    I love that you started with Kraft paper this week, as the tone adds another dimension. Fab texture too. Xxx

  • Love the tag embedded on the page, and the touch of London Bus at the end really brings the whole thing to zingy life – fabulous. Oh, and my quote of the year so far, thank you for that!
    Alison xx

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