CAS Paper Cutting

Published May 17, 2014 by isisimaginings

How’s everyone’s weekend so far? This morning dawned bright, sunny & warm. Until about 9.30 that is, when the cloud arrived & stayed for the rest of the day. I took myself off to my craft room, where I spent the day trying to block out the barking dogs, screaming children, yelling adults & fighting teenagers that I have the misfortune to live amongst. To be very serious for a moment, I am feeling increasingly trapped where I live. It’s not an easy environment for a solitary introvert………..

Anyway, on to more pleasant things. This is my second project for this week’s PaperArtsy challenge & it is based on Keren’s gorgeous frame from Monday night’s post. I wanted to keep it very simple, with lots of white. I used stamps from the Love & Kisses 1 set, with Zesty Zing & Yellow Submarine Fresco paints, with a piece of Core’dinations card behind, Red Pepper I think. The frame is from that Swedish shop.


I stamped the house with black Versacolor ink & heat set with clear embossing powder, then painted it before cutting a few areas – my craft knife skills are as bad as my measuring, so this was a laborious process, but I think it looks fairly ok.


I NEVER get tired of the crackle effect. The layer underneath the PA Crackle Glaze is a mix of Concrete & Little Black Dress – my go to combination for a perfect grey. Snowflake Fresco went on top of the crackle glaze & I brushed Metallic Glaze on top of that.  The heart & the strip at the bottom were stamped onto tissue paper with Red Geranium Archival ink.


Thanks so much to Keren for her inspiration this week & to you for looking. See you next time.


17 comments on “CAS Paper Cutting

  • Your area sounds stressful. Poor you. Your art, however isn’t suffering- love your paper cutting- amazing how it gives impact to the stamped image. Good for you for persevering with a challenge!! Great frame and project- love it!

  • Yay, great minds….. This stamp set was one of the first stamp sets i ever purchased and the first Paper Artsy set, i fell in love with the wording and shape.

    Love what you have created here, fantastic job. Thank you for a lovely comment on the tote bag post.

    I can empathise with your neighbour problems. Many years i have put up with music, arguing, drug dealing, people urinating at the rear of my house in the alleyway & worse. My nerves are shot from it all. Having Fibromyalgia makes it hard for me as noises and aromas are louder than normal, people don’t understand. It is one of the reasons i do not enjoy warm weather and longer light nights. I am counting the days again until the days shorten and the cold weather returns sanity once again. Hope you don’t mind me sharing, just know you can only get away from it if you live in the middle of nowhere.

    You have my sympathies, i do hope you can find a way to cope. Sending comforting hugs:-) xxx

  • Absolutely gorgeous! I love your choice of image for your cutting out and I love the metallic glaze on the frame.

    I really sympathise with your noise problems. I have a very low tolerance for noise because of migraine. Have you tried quioes earplugs? They are very effective and comfortable. Try eBay. Good luck!

    Lucy x

  • I think I know where you live, Kirsten: sorry that sounds bad! I mean I know your area. I used to work nearby, where unfortunately I spent two rather unhappy years. I know what it feels like to feel trapped. But you do seem to fly on the wings of creativity to a quiet and serene place. I think your work is lovely. Isn’t Crackle the best process ever? I actually just stand and watch it sometimes! This is a beautiful interpretation of Keren’s technique. I love that little house. Julie Ann xxx

  • Hope things improve soon – sounds like so many of us have inconsiderate neighbours. Hopefully crafting gives you an escape for a while. your crackle effect is wonderful (I still ah every time it works too) – well done on the cutting out – looks fab xx

  • That noisy environment does sound hellish… I’m like you and would find it very hard. I’ve even struggled because we’ve had two – charming – friends of my mother’s staying for 24 hours and they like to talk talk talk (with three different languages) and my head is about to explode. Solitude is necessary. I hope you can find some peace soon…

    On a happier note, I love your creation – fabulous crackle, and I love the glowing colours – a great make… some solace amidst the chaos I hope.
    Alison xx

  • I do so sympathise Kirsten. I feel like you when we have (grown up) kids and grandchildren to stay, even though I’m 50% deaf. In fact I think that makes it worse because the noise I can hear is just a constant loud babble with no discernable conversation. My advantage over you though is that I know it’s only for a few days and we’ll then revert to our usual comfortable mix of local sounds. I would be exhausted by what you have to listen to.

    As the others have said tho, your work doesn’t appear to have suffered one jot because this is a lovely project. I love the little house you chose and you did really well with the cut outs (mine would have looked awful I know). It’s worked perfectly and love the crackle on the frame.

    Lesley Xx

  • Your frame is fabulous Kirsten, I love the image,and crackling has always been one of my favourite techniques (unfortunately I’m a bit hit and miss at it lol) Poor you having to put up with bad neighbours, it really does sound hellish. It makes me realise how lucky I am to have good ones.xx

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