One More for PaperArtsy

Published May 18, 2014 by isisimaginings

Afternoon, I hope everyone’s having a pleasant Sunday. Thank you for all the kind comments & sympathy last night. I’m pleased to say that today the entire street seems to have gone out & I’m enjoying the peace & quiet.

I didn’t intend making a third project for the current PaperArtsy challenge, but this one sort of evolved yesterday & this morning.  It’s based on Sue Carrington’s project from Wednesday  & Helen Chilton’s canvas from Friday.


I used a canvas board & started the background with Lilac & Chartreuse Frescos, added stencilling (Lin Brown’s) with a mix of Limelight & Snowflake, then stamping with Watering Can Archival, more stencilling with Concrete Fresco & Lilac & more stamping (EEV05) with Snowflake.


I mixed Lilac Fresco & Grunge Paste for the poppies, then painted over them with Lilac, Pansy, Tinned Peas & Hyde Park & finished with Silver Treasure Gold. The quote is from Hot Pick 1204, stamped with black Archival.


Thanks to Helen & Sue for the inspiration. I’m now off to do some housework, see you next time.


16 comments on “One More for PaperArtsy

  • This is absolutely gorgeous, Kirsten, a lovely combination of the two projects with an Ellen twist. I hope your neighbours get held in the drunk cell or something tonight so you can have a night of peace,

    Lucy x

  • Great news that those noisy neighbours have taken themselves off for the day! Let’s hope they’re too tired to make a noise when they return! This is another gorgeous piece of art. I like the colours and the composition of this so much. Julie Ann xxx

  • Glad you got some peace at last Kirsten. Your design once again is absolutely wonderful! Pretty soothing colours and beautiful layering in the background. I love it!

    Lesley Xx

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