I’ve Just Seen A Face

Published February 1, 2015 by isisimaginings

Hello, I hope everyone’s had a nice weekend. Thank for all the kind comments & visits to my blog recently.

The title of this post should really be ‘I’ve Just DRAWN A Face’, because that’s what I did!! For years, I have criticised myself because I couldn’t draw a face. Recently, I decided to get over myself & draw a face anyway. So I did & here she is………….

2015-01-29 001 002

I know everything is wrong with it, but I don’t care, I like it. I purposely painted her blue so  that I couldn’t stress about skin tones & I didn’t give her hair because I decided she looked fine without it.

I just used Ice Blue Fresco paint from PaperArtsy, white gesso, grey & black watercolour pencils & a black fine line pen.

The journal I used is a cheap one I’ve had for ages, I’m going to use it for my faces – I plan on drawing many more – and with a bit of luck & a LOT of practice, there’ll be a gradual improvement.

Thanks for looking.



9 comments on “I’ve Just Seen A Face

  • Lovely face Kirsten, she is so very pretty and i adore her long eyelashes. Told myself the same thing last year and have been drawing faces occasionally but still not happy with my efforts, i just keep practising and like you hopefully will get better, even though i think you are great already 🙂 xxx

  • Your blue lady is beautiful Kirsten. I’m looking forward to seeing who else pops out from your brush and paint. They start to draw themselves especially once your hooked lol xxx great ladyxxx

  • She’s really beautiful, Kirsten – and haunting in the blue skin tones. What a great way to take the pressure off yourself!! This is another post I’m sure I already commented on – may try emailing to see whether they’re getting through.
    Alison xx

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